Monday, January 10, 2011


Omg! Ziana is such a great vocalist. Her show is just mesmerising. The vocal, the feel, the dress is just like AMAZING. It's her, just her and will be always hers. It put a shame to some younger singer and EVEN western singer despite her age and how many child she has. May Allah bless her and her family.

Kak Gee, if you do a concert this year, I'll be definitely on the next plane home


  1. mcm komen dalam youtube je...

    org yg sama ek???

  2. hahaha agak-agak..? peka la you nie :)

  3. Hyee! Singgah sini lepak-lepak jap tadi dan ohh polo anda!
    Heyy btw lawa blog and happy blogging! And happy new year 2011! Sempat lagi kan? :)

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