Tuesday, March 31, 2009

mou lihua

“the secret of the beautiful lotus lies in the mud from which it grows”.

after dua kali saya watchin’ diz movie…fully PERFECT!!! "talentime" does not disappoint in that sense. the kind of characters that you would not disassociate from real life people in malaysia, a rich blending of all that makes our country unique. bangsa malaysia! yg pandai makan sambal, tempeh and budu too, even cencalok atas daun pisang huh? we’re malaysian pe? w’pun ckp berbelit-belit like samy vello. no more racial and religious issues, no more controversial & political issues. *subject to change.

have always been a sentimental look into human emotion; matters of the heart and most importantly - the concept of love. cinta, kasih dan sayang digarap dgn melankolik diselang music yg cukup clean as halwa telinga. i might also be thinking "buy the OST when it comes out because the music in this film was wicked awesome!" credit to atilia, aizat and others…i like “angel” sooooo…much. meleleh beb air mata and my hingus ni (“,) huhuhu.

“i have fallen for an angel”

it's no lie to say that yasmin ahmad's movies are all little slices of life's pie where you can sit down and get a whiff of its delicious scent before taking a bite into something fulfilling.

“saya sembah tanah yang ibu berjalan…” and after dat my mata mula kabur, so touching. kenapa cinta itu begitu sukar utk diterjemahkan? dimengertikan? bukankah cinta itu suci, ikhlas dan berani? berdosa dan cacatkah memiliki prasaan sebegini? you can catch de next sentence at other blogger’s, i really like diz scene. really-really- really much.

love comes in silence… why can’t the sun do a same at nite?

tak semua yg kita lihat itu indah, dan tak semua yg hadir itu “sempurna”. who’s melur and mahesh dalam diri kita? ketidaksempurnaan itu membuatkan ianya lebih indah b’cos idup itu pair like chopsticks. saling lengkap melengkapi… when the two of them stare silently into each other's eyes; expressing their love without words. lor, so lo-man-tik right?

“dia tak sebodoh yg awak sangka, dan awak tak sepandai yg awak sangka”, just hold on…and then make your own decision.

p/s: filem yasmin slalu lengang, so i bleh bayo satu tiket for de whole cineplex. berbaloikan? “arse licker” you must watching diz movie, tak rugi & really touchin’ babe. two thumb up!!!

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