Tuesday, March 17, 2009


i'm in sing-a-pore!!! and again.

satu-satunya iklan tv yg saya nantikan saban tahun, chantek & menyentuh jiwa is "petronas v.t" brain-child by yasmin ahmad's. dan kerana dia jugak "today" saya hijrah for muallaf (the convert). i’m out-dated for a week (dun kill me*).

jatuh cinta dgn iklan komersialnya, then trus kagum with “rabun”. no reason why bila kekacang bagitau kiter and ajak tgk diz movie, tak pikir panjang i said “i do” excited gilerrr. no taxi, no mrt train or any buses saya cuma drive my kelisa ke woodlands mencari cathay cineplex causeway point singapore by map. everyone knows this mall katanya, but not really me. dat movie hanya opens on thursday, march 5 till 11 (hanya 3 waktu tayangan setiap ari) very limited eh? (at least, ada org yg kenal seni & nak tayangkan).

pe yang menarik, show on dat monday hanya ditonton oleh three stooges + tujuh org lagi makhluk yg celik filem = gelak dalam panggung beso & sejok giler. wakakaka, kami enjoy giler babi siot…takde org melayu ke yg reti tgk citer ni? pedulik pe? saya bayo dlm sing dollar peh!!! lagi pun kami mmg nak enjoy epi-epi hour, no more pressure. mcm org kaya sewa panggung for private party. su-dah!!!

basic citer ni mudah je tentang 20-year old rohani and her 14-year old sister rohana are two malay girls on the run from their wealthy, abusive father. finding refuge in a smaller town, their secret little world collideswith that of robert ng, a 30-year old catholic school teacher. i see new faces here, with leads brian yap and sharifah amani's real sister sharifah aleysha. pelakon tak ramai…baju pun tak chantek, but citer dia mmg superb. the young man finds himself irresistibly drawn towards the sisters, and the extraordinary courage with which they face adversity, in a relationship that inevitably forces robert to confront a haunting memory of his own troubled childhood.

in this story of lost souls who find comfort in each other, friendship opens the window to forgiveness and a reconciliation with the past.

instead of an ending that will move me to tears (at least i felt that way), like that in sepet, gubra minus the end coda), and mukhsin even, muallaf concluded on a rather positive note that made me break out in a smile and cheer the protagonist on. despite of course some scenes being a little choppy, and having things left open ended, and the sisters being devoid of screen time and stuck to quick resolutions instead.

i cry silently, hopelessly (i like dat scene masa brian baca terjemahan holy qur’an di sisi minah cina yg koma without any prejudis) cry inside of me. something which almost never happens, will happen. it's called a "re-release" look up the holy quran and later confess how they found it beautiful.

till now, saya masih confuse…not really confusing with de storyline “muallaf” but confuse dgn lembaga penapisan filem kita yg “tetiba peka” (selalunya pekak) dan haramkan tayang di negara sendiri. aren't yasmin babies beautiful? kalo rambut ni panjang dah lama saya cucuk sanggul...hahaha, stupid.

"if allah helps you, none can overcome you. if he forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? in allah, then, let believers put their trust" ~ al-imran, 3:160.

“jom mkn murtabak singapore?”

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