Monday, February 9, 2009

two phrase

there are times when we are separated from our near and dear ones for long periods. the pain of not having some one close to your heart near you in flesh and blood is very deep and hard. there are numerous occasions in life when we get separated from our loved ones due to work or other factors. there are also times when we might face situations when we separate from people close to us permanently. this could be due to death or some other reasons like a divorce. when this happens, nothing can make us feel right. no amount of words of comfort and solace will make us feel better. it will appear that the whole world has gone dark and we are left alone in a big, dark world. the vacuum created by the absence of our near ones is hard to fill. in situations like this you repeat to yourself in your mind the question ‘how can i miss you’? and you feel that you miss them so much that your whole life feels like an empty shell.

that said, you should also remember the fact that when your dear ones are not next to you, it doesn’t mean that they are not in your thoughts and minds. physical proximity is only a comfort and not a guarantee for intimate feelings. people can be sitting right next to each other and still be a thousand miles apart. on the contrary, two people sitting on opposite corners of the planet can feel much closer in mind and spirit. the human mind is capable of transcending boundaries or scaling peaks to be in tune with a mind that it syncs with emotionally. it can cross-oceans and travel long distances to bind with the mind of a loved one. so when the loved one is always in your mind, you can ask yourself and your loved one this question ‘how can i miss you’? it can be then summarized here that two souls that care for each other never miss each other, as each one is always present in the other one’s mind and heart.