Saturday, February 21, 2009

the end

chapter one

adipati and the people of majapahit are on the verge of defeat. a messenger has been sent to melaka to propose a joint force to combat demak.

the emptiness in puteri's being begins to be filled when the melaka delegation led by hang tuah arrives. their first meeting sparks romance between the two.

in a ceremony to welcome the arrival of the sultan of melaka, the threat from demak becomes real. the adipati's rage leads to a declaration of war but he is calmed by patih, acting for the well-being of the people. the sultan proposes a way out by combining the armies of majapahit and melaka as a last resort, if demak refuses to back down. hang tuah is summarily dispatched to demak to give warning.

the separation between puteri and hang tuah becomes unbearable and she leaves majapahit for gunung ledang.

meanwhile, in majapahit, the gloomy atmosphere turns bright when word comes from melaka that the threat from demak has been neutralised. adipati makes haste to fulfill his promise to wed puteri, his sister, to the sultan of melaka. but the puteri has gone missing. bayan is deemed responsible and sentenced to death but she would rather take her own life.

chapter two

the bustling city and port of melaka feels lonely to hang tuah who is pinning for his love. adipati arrives in a hurry and faces off with hang tuah, who realizes then that the princess is waiting for him on gunung ledang. but before he could make his way to her, a decree was made: the sultan would take puteri as his wife. the agony is amplified when hang tuah himself is ordered to lead the royal proposal delegation to gunung ledang.

the journey up the mountain proves to be fraught with obstacles and strange happenings. nenek kebayan appears to the party to warn them, but out of sense of duty she is ignored. the delegation forges on until they are beset by invisible forces and possessed, separating them from hang tuah who has reached the peak of ledang.

there, the two lovers meet again and their longing quenched. but it does not last long - the orang kaya appears with news of the sultan's intentions. hang tuah, still loyal to a fault, bows before his sultan's will. frustrated by her lover's stand, the puteri imposes 7 preconditions for her hand in marriage.

back at the palace, melaka's ministers and scholars decipher the meaning of the 7 preconditions in trepidation. the puteri's demands seem intent on inflicting great harm on melaka, yet to the sultan it is clearly a challenge to his greatness. ans so he decides to murder his own son, raja ahmad, to prove his absolute power. puteri appears before the sultan to stop his dirty deed and to formally reject his proposition.

hang tuah, who is feeling guilty for killing the embers of love in gusti puteri, begins to realise the lunacy of blind loyalty, which he must put an end to. he arises and rushes to ledang to seek out his beloved. the gusti puteri still waits for her true love, on the peak that has become a symbol of their enduring devotion. there, they remain as two beings, separated by time. [the end]


  1. Alamak bile la i nak pergi tengok ek
    i tak pernah tgk teater

  2. cham's : really love this show.. tgh tunggu owg yg janji nak bawak pg neh.. ntah bila la.. hahaha.. but MPGL is very good.. nak lihat pelakon yg baek?? teater la tempatnya..