Saturday, February 28, 2009

soundtrack of my life…tag!!!

hey look, music is an important part of our lives. we will tag a certain song that reminds us of a certain moment or occasion in our lives. so banyak la lagu yg bermain dlm otak saya ni. and now, saya cuma fill in the song (till i felt in the blank, hahaha) that best describes these moments and write a bit of the lyrics that i can remember as well...gimme a beat...

1. song best describes your mood today :
lets dance together : melly goeslow, kalo nak dgr lagu ni kena la download ye…if not, call me utk preview track!!! pasti runtuh langit menyembah bumi, kwang-kwang-kwang.

2. song in your head now :
broken hearted girl : beyonce, kekacang send via email and now i addicted.

3. song for the day you graduated high school / college :
graduation : vitamin c, lagu ni mmg syok giler dan buat adrenalin higher. i nulis diz lyric on last page of my thesis. meletszzzz sgt.

4. song about your best friend :
bitch : meredith brooks feat barli suam. sure bitch!!!

5. song about the day your were born :
how deep is your love : bee gees, i simpan LP diz album and register on 11 september 1978. after 3 day LP ni release... i pun lahir.

6. song about your job :
let me blow ya mind : eve feat gwen stephanie.

7. song about your boss :
womanizer : britney spears. pompuan kekwat!!! tak kuasa.

8. best song to cry to :
unbreak my heart (regresa a mi) : il divo, lebih touching bila disebut dlm bahasa latin OR i cry : shayne ward.

9. best song to hear when your happy :
chelo : cha cha OR let’s get loud : jennifer lopez.

10. best motivation song :
family portrait : pink, lagu ni sllu buat i rindu my family and my home too.

11. best song to hear when your pissed :
i will survive : cake.

12. best song to drive to :
mercy : duffy.

13. best karaoke song to sing :
seiring dan sejalan : uji rashid & hail amir.

14. your best song for romance :
my baby you : marc anthony.

15. song for your crush :
listen : beyonce
[listen to the song here in my heart, a melody i start but can't complete. listen to the sound from deep within, its only beginning to find release. ohh the time has come for my dreams to be heard, they will not be pushed aside and turned into your own, all 'cause you won't listen...]

OR coba : faizal tahir.

16. song for your 1st love : ??? i will always love you : whitney houston.

17. song for your current love :
the blowers daughter : damien rice, erm...still blinkin* can u answer diz question? saya jugak nak "org tu" tau...i'm really-really miss you, only y.o.u sayang :p

18. song about your erotic talents :
makhluk tuhan yang paling seksi : mulan jamella.

19. song about missing someone :
bubbly : colbie calliat.
[it starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose. where ever it goes, i always know. that you make me smile, please stay for a while now. just take your time, where ever you go...]

20. song for your ex :
against all odds : mariah carey & westlife.

21. song to be played / was played at your wedding :
wishin’ and hopin’ by dusty springfield feat rosiah chik. bleh gitew?

22. song you would play / sing on your ex’s wedding :
aku lebih tahu : mila af5.

23. song to played on your 80th birthday :
sway : pussycatdolls.

24. song to be played at your funeral :
without you : mariah carey.

25. best song to describe you :
i'm yours : jason mraz.

tag' by kekacang : )


  1. cham's : hohoho.. memang kan.. lagu kebanyakannya boleh menggambarkan mood dan perassan kita pada certain waktu..

  2. ha ah la fila...sumtimes bleh jadi soundtrack our life too. soooooo touching huh! very close.

  3. u know what.. i cant get..amy winehouse's 'You know i'm no good' out of my system rght now...

  4. anon: uol's kan duduk planet pluto eh? uwek :P