Saturday, September 18, 2010

cicak kobeng : chit-chit-chit!

i like to think of myself as a cup (woit! bukan cup yang sebelah atas tu eh...cup is cup-lah. bukan cup yang mak hang pakai, kakak hang pakai, adik hang pakai, tok hang pakai or janda mak tiri bapak hang pakai wokey...uish, otak mereng raya-raya pun nak fikir "biru").

just a plain, simple mug that you might find at kedai dua ringgit along with countless others of various sizes, shapes and colors (haaaiiiih, kedai dua hengget pun dah naik harga la ni).

the great thing about cups is that you can fill them up with things. and there are so many things from which to choose. i like to fill my cup up with love. right up to the brim, sometimes spilling over.

with so much love in my cup, there’s no space left for anything else. if someone tries to give me a gift of their hate, anger or shame – well, i just don’t have any room for that in my cup. and as my cup goes about its business, it likes to spill a little love into the other cups that it encounters, so long as those cups have some extra room and the desire. and all the while, i’ve noticed something very peculiar: the more love i give to others, the more i have left to give (terbaaaaaaiiik dari ladang!)
i’ve got love in my cup! sampai aku sendiri pun tak faham apa yang aku naip ni, hahaha.


  1. kita gak farish..tgh plan tukar kaler my wall and painting like that. gerek syeeeeeh!

  2. warhhhhhhhhh besh nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.;)kirim slm dgn mereka ye abg sam.......

  3. woit! pesal aritu raya tak dtg rumah kita? abg mie sempooooi jerk lepak sama.