Wednesday, May 27, 2009

red carpets

it was during my freshman year or month maybe? during haze week of all times that i realized what my mother was trying to say. we will always have to deal with not so nice people every once in a while, that's just life. some of them will be darn right mean and nasty for reasons you will never understand. the trick is to take away their power. and the best way to do that is to smile (bebuatan sgt).

org kata air mata itu teman hidup sorg wanita, merendam yg terpendam agar terlerai segala dendam. dan airmata juga terapi terbaik buat mereka yg kesepian. benarkah lelaki terlalu lokek beremosi dgn airmata? jika tiada airmata adakah hidup kita lebih bermakna atau tiada masalah? menangis bukan bermakna derita atau lemah…kegembiraan juga boleh buat kita menangis. ianya luahan emosi paling jujur dan tidak terseka.

i can remember my mother saying those words to me when i was a child, whenever someone had been mean to me or had made me feel bad about myself. i hated it!!! i mean, how stupid “kill them with kindness”? biarlah diaorg buat jahat kat kita, asalkan kita tak buat jahat kat diaorg tu…what about killing them with my bantal buchuk or how about sluor katok yg bacin? yeah, that will make everything better.

i say, play the game by your own rules. it really is that simple. nothing they say can ever cut you, their words will never make you bleed but only you can make the change. you have to tell yourself that you are ok.

if you fail to recognize that the path to success in not forged on the broken backs of the one's who look up to you, then you have lost the race before ever even leaving the gate. we all have different and complicated reasons for why we choose our hero's. they usually offer some sort of mental or emotional protection or validation to us. sometimes they are in a place in their lives that we hope we too will someday be. but other times, the one's that climb a top their pedestals everyday for worship, lose sight of their responsibilities. to protect and serve, to guide their friends through the shark infested waters, not tell them when it's time to eat.

success is not measured by a person's body count along the trail. it's walls are not climbed by tearing them down first and then guiltlessly sweeping the rubble out of your way. if you are a successful friend then you are a success in life. so just be good at that, it doesn’t' have to be bigger or more. if you cannot save the people at the top, at least try to save the ones beneath them. they might finally see that their idols biggest misconceptions and mistakes, their greatest failure and ultimate heartbreaks were purely self inflicted. fill your life with honest, real experiences and the positive energy your create will build an unpenetrable wall against the negative, evil doers in your life. success is not the answer to your happiness but failure is not the end. all the money in the world could not replace how it feels to love yourself or to have a true and honest friend. don't let fear or anger change the person that you are. that kind of success is a "goodie" at hearts reward and our ultimate revenge.

buat mereka yg masih setia dan jujur mendengar luahan kata hati ini, dan kerana anda juga saya masih teguh berdiri sebagai hamba “nur muhammad”. dengan rendah diri dan ati menerima kesilapan dan pujian hanya pada-nya sambil berangan-angan nak ucapkan:

“i really didn’t think i would win anugerah khidmat cemerlang for diz year, speechless*” or “i really didn’t think i would be standing here without my SPF15 panas terik bawah matahari pagi tgh-tgh padang dataran ni…giler?,” and then give an acceptance speech like they didn’t think they would win. well, my question is, “why did you think you were invited to this gala event?”

till band starts playing the “wrap it up” music ~

“i would like to acknowledge the following people…i mean y.o.u, my sweet family & frens. thanks you to understand me”

alhamdulillah, amin.


  1. nk gak mng oscar haha woleyy

  2. unless y.o.u is me... i have no comment.

  3. rizz: bleh...amik ar...
    wawa: really? i will reserved for sumones.

  4. wow mng award ek.. xsangka mbjb ada oscar.. apepun u deserve the oscarla...