Wednesday, June 17, 2009


...something that never stop.
everyone has a dream. that dream helps us carry on living. my dream is to find true love. they who clear the clouds for others will get more sunshine for themselves. they who give light to others make themselves the brighter star. sometimes having a cup of coffee can might change our relationship or friendship…
my life’s worth a thousand skies and you’re de simplest love i’ve know. you’d be like heaven to touch, i wanna hold you so much.
life is pair, like chopstick…like sandwich. whatever good things that happen to you, enjoy it. treat it as a surprise in your life. what can we do is…be alert and aware that in life is not always like what we wanna it be : ) cheers.
six inch or nine inch??? NO SUCH THING…what are we to base on when building up and keeping a relationship. if you wants to love someone, he should practise “unconditional love”. love without condition and expectations. it’s hard but it’s what love’s about.

is someone to old fashion or outdated to be loyal and sincere to is partner?


  1. kepok lekor tu brape inci ek?
    cam sodap je mata memandang

  2. encik akmal, ianya lebih panjang dari "saiz you" dan yg sewaktu dengannya...wakaka :p amik ko!